Unable to add MEGA accounts

When trying to add a MEGA account from iOS or macOS, you can fill in all the settings, but the option to add is disabled, which does not happen with other cloud services. Any idea?

Thanks !



I have the same problem.

The issue can be played by adding a new account and autofilling credentials using Apple’s password manager or 1Password.

If you remove that device and try to add it again, the “Add” button is not enabled.

I attach a screenshot:


Are you using the free version or do you have an active subscription to the Pro version?

Also what version number of Infuse are you using?

Yes, I use the PRO version 7.7.4827 purchased from the iPhone. The problem is the same one that gonsu90 are discussing; I used Apple’s password manager and now it won’t let me add MEGA, the button appears disabled.

The problem seems to have spread to the iPad and Mac, I’ve tried disabling synchronization via iCloud but it remains the same.

Sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into this.

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Thank you very much !!

Attach an image in which you can see that from the MacOs version the problem persists, you fill out the configuration but the add button is not enabled.

It’s no longer possible to log on to Mega :pensive:
You can still enter your login details, but the “Add” button remains hopelessly grey …

Any ideas?

It’s being looked into. :wink:

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(My message was posted elsewhere and was merged here, hence the apparent disconnect, but I read the whole thread correctly)