Unable to add items with some special characters to Collections

Thanks Infuse team for the useful release 7.4, it brings Infuse even upper!
While I was adding some videos to a custom collection, I just noticed that, if theres an aphostroph in the title of the video, the “add to collection modal box” is blank and it doesn’t show existing collections to be selected.

For instance, in Italian language we have many occurrecies of “L’” (the shorter form of an article). Maybe it can be useful to known for future releases of Infuse.

Meanwhile, thanks for this awesome update.
Kind regards.

Hmm, I can’t see to replicate this here.

Are these local (synced) files by chance? Like Playlists, collections for local and streamed files are separate - so you won’t see streamed collections listed if you are trying to add a local file.

Edit - I may have replicated this, by having these characters in the actual filename.

Creating custom collections is great - however if the movie title includes an apostrophe (The World’s End, A Bug’s Life) the option to add it to a collection gives a blank screen.
Using 7.4 (4153) on Apple TV 4K II

Hi James,
I host most of the files on Dropbox. Meanwhile also some other file I have on the NAS suffer from the same issue. I experience this on both iOS and macOS.

As you said, it happens when the apostroph is in the filename. I have many movies and episodes with apostroph inito the fie name due of Italian language. But in English could happen as well as r0cksteadydrew wrote above.

Kind regards,

Fwiw, I am unable to replicate on tvOS and 7.4, with shares on local NAS, for either tv or movies with apostrophes in the filename.

7.4.1 with a fix for this is now available on the App Store.

Happy collecting. :slight_smile:

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