Unable to add favorites


I have just moved one of my ATVs out of my main residence to a secondary residence.

Previously, the recently moved ATV was synced with another ATV, both connected to same local network.

I hoped to set up the secondary ATV as an independent machine with an independent network.

But am having real difficulties.

First, I deleted all shares on the secondary ATV.

Second, I added back a local share (a wired Ethernet connection to a Mac Mini - so username[Ethernet]).

Two problems from this.

First, my primary ATV has now lost all shares!!! I presume this was because of syncing when I deleted shares on the secondary ATV. Any way to restore this on the primary ATV? I have now turned off syncing on secondary ATV.

Second, when I try to add favorites on the secondary ATV, it will not let me navigate to the folders on the Mac Mini. It forces me to a folder called “Video” and that is it. Nothing in there. I can add “Videos” as a favorite and that is it, with nothing in there!!

I am bemused. I had no difficulty setting up before. But I am stumped here. I have the relevant folders on the Mac Mini set up as shares under the Sharing preference pane and cannot think what to try next.


One thing to keep in mind is that Infuse 5 uses iCloud to keep shares in sync between devices. If you want to have one device that has different shares or Favorites, then you will want to disable the ‘iCloud Sync’ option found in Infuse > Settings. This will prevent changes made on that device from syncing to others.

Also, there are a few settings you may want to check on your Mac mini. Some tips can be found near the end of this guide. Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore


Thanks. I have re-added the relevant folders now. But I have had to spend hours going into the folders to force regeneration of icons in Infuse. I basically had to start from scratch.

Can I suggest you have a warning pop up that if you delete a share on one Apple TV, and if Sync is on, a BIG warning pops up that the shares will be lost across all synced Apple TVs. I would never have deleted if I had known the rather dramatic consequences.

And how are you getting on with HEVC files. Increasingly finding this to be an impediment to use, and have to revert to Plex to play videos. I much prefer Infuse interface, but if it is struggling to play more and more files, then I wil end up back on Plex. Don’t want to do that, unless forced to.