"Unable to access OpenSubtitles."


A few days ago (five I think) Infuse stopped giving my media subtitles. When trying to choose subtitle, I get this message:

An error occoured
Unable to access OpenSubtitles.
Check your internet connection and try again.

This happens on my Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. All devices are running Infuse Pro 6.5.3 (3026). When I connected using 4G however with my iPhone, it worked like normal. Thinking this was my router or Wifi, I reset my router, but no luck. I have also tried to change DNS settings to without any luck either.

I should mention I am located in Norway, seeing as I have seen OpenSubtitles mentioned as previously being banned in Norway. However, this has been working for a long time, and suddenly now stopped working. I can however enter OpenSubtitles using a browser without problems. I am not running a VPN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you have a chance, can you send in a report from your Apple TV (via Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and reply here with the 5 digit code you see?

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Thank you!

Certainly, it’s YCBDA.

Thanks! We’re looking into this.

Hi, Same problem here i Denmark, where opensubtitles.org does a redirect to a pdf.

It finds the subtitles in the search, but the download fails… Diagnostics code: 27YHZ

OpenSubtitles released a server-side fix which is aimed at resolving a few errors like this.

This appears to be an issue with this particular title. Are you able to fetch subtitles for other titles?

Today’s 6.4 update includes a few changes which should allow for more reliable subtitle fetching.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I cant acces opensubtitles on my Apple TV. I use infuse 6.4.1. I have been able to acces opensubtitles untill recently.

I get this “ An error occoured
Unable to access OpenSubtitles.
Check your internet connection and try again“.

I cant acces opensubtitles.org on my pc, but i can acces opensubtitles.com

I live in Denmark. Using google dns in my router doesnt help.

Diagnostic code 0WDKH

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

Hi. I have the same problem just described by Martin. And Iam also located in Denmark.

This fix isn’t working.
I have as my dns, but the error is still showing up.
Running infuse 6 latest version.

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I moved your post to a currently running thread discussing the same type of problem.

What country are you in? That may help isolate the issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for moving it.
I’m in Denmark. I have read that the danish and Norwegian governments are blocking opensubtitles.org?

We’ve tracked down this issue, and will be including a fix in the upcoming 6.4.3 update which is due out soon.

I’m a rather new Infuse 6 users, purchased about 1-2 months ago. Suddenly opensubtitles has stopped working and it seems to be because the government is blocking the site. The usual DNS change doesn’t fix it. I read somewhere that it’s cloudflare doing the redirect, so the government probably told cloudflare to redirect all danish users and prevent acceess to opensubtitles.

Works with VPN though, but you can’t easily configure a VPN connection within the AppleTV.

So I’m looking forward to Infuse 6.4.3 fixing it :smiley:

6.4.3 is now available with a few improvements for subtitle fetching in some regions.


Can confirm that the latest update has restored opensubtitles access for me (from Denmark ip). Awesome!

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Super! :+1:

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