Unable to access OpenSubtitles

Every time I try to find more subtitles a message pops up that says “An error occurred. Unable to access OpenSubtitles. Check your internet connection and try again.”

But my internet connection is fine.

What version of Infuse? Can you connect via a web browser?

Infuse 6.2.1.

Yes I can connect via web browser.

I know that here in Australia, the Federal Government has deemed OpenSubtitles to facilitate piracy activities and unfortunately it has been blocked. Unless you have a VPN or other option set up, it doesn’t work here either.

I’m in the USA. And I was able to access opensubtitles.org from my browser.

Are you saying that the current version of Infuse (6.2.1) can’t retrieve subtitles for you?

My mistake - this was how it used to be - I have just checked and it does indeed work again.
Thanks for pointing this out - apologies for sending people down the wrong path.
Great that it works again!!

I know it sounds like a catch all answer but have you tried restarting your ATV? Opensubtitles doesn’t seem to be having any issues so I’m wondering if your ATV forgot where it was at.