Unable to access Jellyfin after updating to tvOS 16.4

since I upgraded with tvos16.4 my Apple TV , I no longer have access to my synology NAS, it doesn’t works with jellyfin, but also in SMB and NFS, it worked well with jellyfin before this update, is that someone has the same problem, thanks for help
Infuse Pro 7.5.1
Apple TV HD tvOS16.4
NAS Synology DS718+

I am having a similar configuration (Apple TV 4K + Synology DS416) and I don’t have any problems with the latest updates…
Maybe readd your shares?

thank you for your answer, after research, it was a wifi problem, a trouble with the ORBI satellites which had been moved. What made me get this error is that it was only the apple TV that was affected, Infuse was ok on the IPAd and the mac… .and as there was an update just before …


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