Ultra slow and movies not playing properly with USB Drive

I had a Western Digital HD TV payer and an attached USB drive with all my movies etc - which worked smoothly, fast and reliable with pretty much any file format. I wanted some additional functionality and got ATV with aTV Flash for it. The installation worked fine, but I get the same kind of freezing problems some reported. Further, and much more irritating:

-Apple TV is much, much slower in responding to commands with the remote, especially when navigating file folders and
-when playing movies, even just DVIX (not even 264H or HD material) the movie does not play smoothly and hangs every other second. Small things like clips in the region of <100MB play well.

I tried it with a movie I put directly on the ATV drive through FTP and it played just fine.

This makes me wonder if there is a general problem with the USB interface somehow? The USB port seems to be either too slow to pay movies or there is another problem?

If someone could help I would very much appreciate it!


Have you run the smart installer with the following 3 files in your documents folder?
A) OS X Intel Tiger (10.4.7-10.4.11) “CoreAudioKit.framework”.
B) “MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg”; http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/macosx_updates/macosx1049comboupdateintel.html
C) “recovery.dmg” (renamed from “OS-dot-DMG_1.0.dmg”).

If not, try doing that and see if it helps.

If it does not help, you can try restoring and re-installing with those 3 files in your documents folder before you run smart installer.


But it seems that those are update files needed in case you run Tiger - but I run Snow Leopard? I am honestly slightly confused now. I strictly followed the set-up manual… Can you give me a hint if I need to do this with Snow Leopard too?

AppleTV runs Tiger…

This issue can usually be tracked to a defective or damaged USB cable. You may try using an alternate cable.

Thank you! So to avoid going through lenghly hacking procedures, I can just fill the USB Hard Drive with the media content I want and attach it to ATV; while I define the Itunes-Storage place to be internal, right? That would mean that I can watch iTunes stuff through the ATV box from the internal drive and movies I buy are stored there, but through NitroTV I can access the USB drive with sufficient speed given the cable is actually ok?
Just checking. Because if the USB connection proofs to work with a new cable (which I am going to buy now) that would clearly be my preferred choice.