[UI/UX] Inconsistency with nomenclature of Direct URLs

This is a very trivial suggestion. Let me just put that out there. However, it’s the kind of useless observations I champion in my day-to-day, so here goes.

Can Infuse consistently use one of either “Direct URLs” or “Links” or “Bookmarks” when referring to video URLs added through the “Add Files > [via] Direcy URL” menu?

Let me provide examples:

  • When adding a video URL it’s referred to as “Direct URL.” They are also referred to as this in the iCloud Sync documentation.
  • When displaying the Library of added video URLs they are referred to as “Links.” They are available through the “Links” Library folder.
  • When reading the API documentation this type of video URL is referred to as a “Bookmark.”

I’m partial to “Links” because it’s shorter and works well in multiple contexts (especially if capitalized, to signify special meaning), and works well in UIs (like the “Links” Library folder). “Direct URL” is more meaningful, strictly speaking, but maybe doesn’t look pretty as a folder name in the Library. “Bookmarks” leaves me on the fence, mainly because it borrows from browser nomenclature, but at the same time, we’re technically mature enough by 2023 for it to no longer be ambiguous in the context of an omnipresent Internet.

In the end, my only suggestion/ask is that one is used consistently and everywhere. I do enjoy a good tightening of nomenclature. That is all.

You know you’re doing something well when this is all that can be mustered in criticism.


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