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I just wanted caveat this suggestion by saying that I absolutely love Infuse, it has been my player for a long long time now and I will always prefer the quality and experience of watching the movie of the general UI and searching for movies/TV Shows to watch. So although this is a UI suggestion, I do think it’s more important to keep the focus on performance rather than the bells and whistles.

As I use Plex, I have the plex app installed on other devices so from time to time come back to their UI and I find the option to bring up a side bar that has ‘Movies’ ‘TV Shows’ a lot easier than in Infuse. The ‘up next’ section is what I use the most so I’m mainly on the home screen and since my toddler is watching 30 minutes of every movie and TV show, it gets filled with lost of movies these days. In plex, you can click on the TV shows section and it’ll give you the ‘up next’ ‘recently added’ ‘recently released’ etc etc… and you can do the same for movies.

I wont make the post too long with some of the other things I like as I’m sure you’ve seen the plex UI but is there anything in the pipeline to bring something like this in?

First, it’s always best to limit your suggestions threads to one idea per thread. This way other users can show their support for each specific suggestion by liking the first post in each thread.

As to your feature in this one, I’m assuming that your using the Apple TV version of Infuse with the toddler so there is a way to do what you’re asking now.

If you go to the library and long press on “TV Shows” you can add that as a favorite on the home screen and when you select that on the home screen you get all of your TV show specific options. The same can be done for Movies so you get two new favorites that give you what you asked for. :wink:

There is a UI refresh in the pipeline (planned to be worked on in the middle of the year.)

What that UI refresh will bring? We users are as yet unsure.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I do have that favourited on my ATV which is useful, I always wondered why you can’t add it on iOS though?

I do find that useful to quickly get to the whole collection of films no matter where it is, Plex, Gdrive or where ever. It is only limited to giveing you a full list though and not then allow you to easily break it down to recently watched, added etc. But then you can do on iOS with any list by choosing the sort option.

Does that make sense?