UI of playback speed: w/out going into settings & other speed settings

Over in a topic on “please add variable playback speeds” we were asked to make it a suggestion…

Please let us be able to set playback speeds within the playback UI without having to go into the settings.


This is also what I need. Adjusting playback speeds instantly and conveniently is a high-frequency demand for me. As a new subscriber, I wouldn’t continue my subscription until this feature is fulfilled.


Hi there,

I’m writing this not having watched any shows or movies with the new variable speed feature, but I am so pleased it’s now available…congrats! But what I did do is go into Infuse on both my iPad and aTV to have a look at how it’s implemented. Here’s some suggestions on things I’d like to see added…

Editable list of speed presets

  • I’m a simple bloke…and probably won’t use most of the speeds there.
  • It would be great if I could delete a few and then just have the ones I want…which would probably just be 0.5x, 1x, 1.3x (as default…I seem to like the results) and 2x.
  • Why editable? Well, it helps with the following…

Tap to play or Press and hold to select speed

  • I go into Infuse, navigate to the movie I want to watch.

  • On an iPad, if I just tap the play icon/button, the movie plays at the default speed

  • If I press and hold my finger down on the play icon, my list of speed presets pops up and I can decide which speed I want to watch the movie in

  • On aTV, similar…I could press the play button on the remote and get my default speed.

  • If I tap the glass touch surface (at the top of the remote) after I have moved to the play icon, I get the same thing…playback at the default speed

  • If I hold down the glass touch surface after I have moved to the play icon, I get my pop-up list pf presets appear above the playback icon and can select the speed I want for that movie

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Looking forward to trying out the new feature out!!

Cheers, Phil



It would be nice to have a “Long press the trackpad” gesture to trigger playback speed on Apple TV.

For now, it takes so many steps to change the playback speed while the users very often need to switch it on and off repeatedly and it is so hard and frustrating to do it with the current setting.

The operation should be more instant than it is to improve the user experience.

I’m following this in the hopes that someone will reply or pay attention before my subscription comes up for renewal. I’ve already canceled it, but fixing something so painfully basic would be a reason to renew it.

Just a reminder, if you let your subscription lapse your rates could increase since you’re not locked in at the current subscription rate if you do decide to continue with it.

I hope iOS has a faster button to adjust the playback rate in the playback interface

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum asking for this feature.

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