UI inconsistencies

I like the new look Infuse for iPad interface but it’s maddeningly different to the Infuse for Apple TV interface.

For example, on the iPad there are very subtle “Watched” labels underneath the thumbnail of an episode but I’m used to looking for the circles used on the top, right corner of the thumbnails in the Apple TV. So, essentially, when displaying the same information you’ve selected two ways (graphical vs text) and two different locations.

Also, personally I would prefer not to have the Download and Delete buttons hidden away in a menu - it greatly increases the time it takes to download a whole season of something from my NAS to my iPad.

I enjoy the voice support on Apple TV - allowing me to search my Infuse library with speech-to-text. Why not incorporate this into the iOS version too?

Lastly, is any effort being made to try to reduce the space used for Metadata? My iPad currently shows Metadata = 3GB which feels like quite a lot to me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. We have a number of small improvements still in progress that weren’t fully baked in time for the 5.6 release.

The upcoming 5.6.1 update will also optimize how Infuses stores artwork, so it libraries should take much less space than before.