UI improvements

I think I also posted some suggestions on Macrumors.

In more detail:

I understand you want to obey the Apple UI standards as much as possible, but currently it looks a bit “sparse” (Spartan ?). I added a file as an example.

For me, I don’t care about a view with lots of meta data collected from e.g. IMDB with poster art. My library sitting on a NAS is usually quite dynamic. I prefer
what you call “list view”. However, the current list view doesn’t show much. Some suggestions:

  • List the share/source of the list on top
  • Allow more room for the file name, incl. extension.
  • Allow for sorting: date, file size, resolution (descending or ascending)
  • List next to the file name, the sort result (so actual file size in MB or GB if you selected file size as sorting)
  • Insert a picture/album art based on a key frame. Not the huge empty poster art place holder I currently see.
  • List codec (x264, HEVC, XVID, MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV etc), resolution (HD, SD, 4K, 480p, 720p etc)
  • Also audio codec (MP3, AAC, Dolby TrueHD, AC3, DTS, DTS:X, Dolby Atmos incl. logo is possible), number of channels (2.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc)
  • List length

Even when opt out of meta data, I still see Infuse indexing my shares, so guess it’s still building a library in the background. So I guess
this kind of is collected already (by using MediaInfo for example, but not sure if Apple allows to use this kind of libraries).

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Moving over to suggestions for now.