UI Glitch on the Top when Launch Infuse the First Time v7.7.5

When launching Infuse the first time, I always get this UI glitch (has been there for many versions, maybe back from 7.3 or so):

that there should be a “Home” title on the top middle and also a refresh button and sorting button on the top right.
One workaround is to click any of the movies or tv shows, then the UI goes back to normal.

What version number of infuse are you running now?

Version number of MacOS?

Yes, since I was posting it under Platforms/Mac. Btw, macOS Sonoma 14.5 (23F79), 14" M3 Max.

Not sure what this means, but are you running Infuse 7.6.5 now? If so you may want to update to 7.7.5 and try that first.

Oh, my bad, I mean 7.7.5 in the title, stupid typo.

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