UI for changing webdav login(Sandisk WFD and others)

I love how you’ve added support for the Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive in the latest version of Infuse. It works great but only if you connect your ipad directly to the Sandisk wifi SSID (not using shared internet connection mode). I tested using it directly connected and it works as advertised. However, the Sandisk is only functioning as a private media network in this setup (e.g. no connection to the internet)

The Sandisk supports a “pass-thru” internet connection mode, where if you set it to connect to the same wifi router as the one your ipad is connected with (for example your home internet connection to Comcast, Verizon, ATT, etc.), then you can have simultaneous access to the internet and to the flash drive on the Sandisk. This is useful if you want to be able to reach the web for email, browsing, etc. even while accessing your media files on the Sandisk.

When I tried using this mode with the latest version of Infuse, the app returned an error saying bad user/pass combination.

I did some digging on Sandisk forums and found that if I used a webDAV client (such as Cyberduck) and using shared internet connection mode I was able to connect to the Sandisk using a username of “owner” and password “”.

Therefore, if Infuse could provide a UI that allows us to enter this information (I assume right now it is always defaulting to anonymous, which doesn’t seem to be valid during shared internet connection mode), then the Infuse app will play quite nicely with the Sandisk in the shared internet connection mode.

I gather this would be useful for connecting to other webdav-enabled devices as well. Would it be possible to add this feature?

This should actually be possible in the current version.

When setting up the share for the first time you will see a user/password field. If you need to access these after a share has been setup, you can tap the small ( i ) icon shown next to the saved share name.

One thing to keep in mind is the network address may change when switch from the drive’s Wi-Fi to the regular Wi-Fi network, so you may need to setup the share again with the new address.