UI Bug with iPad/iPhone in landscape view


I guess there is an UI bug since a long time. Wenn I tap on a movie, there is always this overlay bug on the overview site.

On the left upper corner there is this overlap with the movie name and logo. I have always to scroll down to view the correct overlay site.

This only Happen in landscape mode. Maybe this is intentional but I dont think so.

When I go to movie (weird overview/layout):

When I scroll down to get the top page (perfect overview/layout):


iPad Pro 11
Infuse up to date
iPadOS up to date

With so many recent releases and public betas it always helps to put the actual version numbers. :wink:

For now I have the public beta of iPadOS 17

iPad Pro 11 Model NTXQ2B/A

But as I already mentioned this bug is still there for a long time (even with every Version of iPadOS 16) and, as far as I remember, with every infuse version/build since the new interface/layout (which we can switch between the old and new one on Apple TV - modern/classic).

Maybe nobody see this or this is iPad Model related (but I dont think so).

I appreciate that! Also could you specify the version number of Infuse?

There have been quite a few UI changes in the recent releases both iOS and Infuse. There was one glitch that was similar to yours where the text was wrapping too soon in some places that was recently fixed.

Also with the OS beta they have been doing some UI changes in the last few releases that affected Infuse.

I understand this has been occuring for a while and the versions may not make a difference but with all of the changes it may affect how the fix is approched.

Infuse 7.5.9 (4501)


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Also on iPhone landscape mode.

iPhone 13 A2633
iOS 16.6 (20G75)
Infuse 7.5.9 (4501)

Any infos to this bug?

Today’s 7.6.7 update improves the initial scroll position when opening the details page on iPhone and iPad.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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