UHD Noob Questions

So I just got my first 4K TV (LG 70UM7100PLA) and I have questions.

My setup:
The 4K TV as mentioned.
Infuse Pro (Latest).
Share from iMac with SMB.
Apple TV4 (to weak?)

Is there anything I need to do, some setting or something in order to watch in 4K?

I’ve tried Wireless and Wired (from the last AirPort Extreme) but a 4K movie is still choppy AF, remedy?

It won’t do you any good with an ATV 4 it takes the ATV 4K (5th gen atv) to do the 4K work.

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So I need a ATV4K for 4K, no workarounds?

No, sorry the max output of the ATV 4 is 1080p. Also the processor (A8) really doesn’t have the horsepower to do the x265 compression and 4K video.

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Looks like I’ll be without 4K until the new Apple TV drops.


I know there are rumors floating all over the place about a new ATV coming but even if it does drop soon you can still use the current ATV4K on a non 4K tv to play 4K videos at 1080p and they look fine! The faster processor really makes a difference.

The way Apple has been hampered by the current situation I’d not be surprised if it’s not still several months out. I could be wrong but that’s just my guess.

Maybe if I find a used ATV4K I could buy it on the cheap.
Feels foolish to buy a complety new one if the next one is just around the corner.

As a band aide fix you can setup a plex or emby server and install the client apps from the LG App Store. This will get you the 4K playback until you can invest in a new Apple TV.

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Im trying that right now, Emby that is.
However, I cant seem to login on my LG and it wont accept IP number for the server, but on iOS it works.
But… I’ll figure it out hopefully. :slight_smile:

It might require premiere and an emby connect account.

Alright, I’ll examine it further, thanks