Uhd movie screen shaking

hello, I’m from China. I have been using infuse software for several years. The software is getting better and better, but I’ve found some issues in the recent usage, hoping to get feedback from the developers. The specific performance is that I found that some uhd movies encapsulated in iso format had screen jitter when playing, but when I used other software to play on the computer or told the infuse version to infuse5, the screen returned to normal.
I also unzipped the iso uhd movie and selected the file with the largest capacity in the folder and played it. The picture is still normal. I feel very strange about this. I hope the developers can investigate the cause of the problem.

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It would probably help if you provided what version number of Infuse you are using and on what device model and it’s OS number.

I am currently upgrading to the latest version of the infuse on Apple TV, iPhone and macos. I have a video taken on my mobile phone, but it can’t be uploaded. I can send it to you by email.