UHD folders not correctly recognized

I am trying out infuse on ipad before buying an appletv. All seems to work great except my uhd bluray folders are not recognized correctly. They do play but they don’t get a thumbnail and are not categorized under movies but under different (in dutch it is called anders). How do I fix this? Because uhd movies are the sole reason for buying an appletv4k.

Hmm, sorry about that.

Can you provide a bit more info on how these folders are organized (maybe quick screenshot)?

Also, where are these videos being streamed from? Some devices/services like UPnP/DLNA/Google Drive won’t support folder based organizations.

I use samba for shares. The structure of folders is like this UHDBDS/moviename/uhdbd contents (bdmv etc.). Ido add the disc size to the name, a path would be like d:/uhdhdr/uhdbds/John Wick BD66/disc content. I added a few screenshots.

Ah, got it. It’s likely the extra info in the filename is throwing off Infuse’s matching.

One thing you can do is add the release year after the title, and then include any extra info you want after that. Any text added after the year will be disregarded for matching purposes.

Blade Runner 1982 Theatrical Cut BD66

Alternatively, you can use the Edit option (located under the 3 dots next to the heart) to manually select a title for each movie. These changes will sync via iCloud to all your devices, so you would only need to do this once.

Great! That works. Is it possible to change the apps language? My ios is set to dutch, but now it downloads dutch metadata while i prefer english. Any way to change that? Another question, can the appletv output dts/dolby using infuse? I would route the appletv through my lg oled (no hdmi 2.1b receiver), problem is that only supports two channel pcm audio so i would need a 5.1 DTS or DD bitstream output. Sorry for the added questions, wasn’t sure if i should open seperate topics for all of them.


By default Infuse will fetch metadata in the language of your device, but you can select a specific language for metadata through Infuse > Settings > Language.

A bit more info on the various audio options on Apple TV can be found here.

Pff, totally overlookec that.

Regarding audio:
The following suggests the option to bitstream (passthrough)
Auto (recommended): Audio will be sent as uncompressed, multi-channel LPCM (up to 7.1 channels and 24-bit). Additional output adjustments can be made through the Apple TV > Settings > Audio and Video menu.
Passthrough: Audio will be sent as Dolby or DTS (up to 5.1 channels and 16-bit). Note: The ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ option in Apple TV > Settings > Audio and Video MUST be disabled.

But then a few lines down in the faq i read the following, which suggests DD/DTS will be converted to LPCM. Seems a bit confusing. Which one is correct?
Since Dolby and DTS are both compressed formats, Infuse will first decompress this audio before sending it to your receiver as LPCM (some receivers will display this as PCM, or Multi-Channel).

Sorry, I can see how that may be a bit confusing.

With Infuse set to Passthrough, you will get unchanged bitstream audio for Dolby/DTS.

Another option, would be to leave Infuse set to Auto, but change the Apple TV to Dolby Digital. This will cause the Apple TV to re-encode all audio sent from Infuse into Dolby 5.1.

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