UHD BD folder or iso copy

Does Infuse pro 7 for Mac OS support BDMV folder copy of UHD Blu-ray discs?

Yes it does.
You do not have access to the menus though, only to the streams/playlists, the longest being selected by default.
You can probably check that with an Infuse Pro trial :-).

Thank you for support! I can confirm, bought yearly subscription and have tried on macbook pro now. Another guestions: Does support mac enviroment HDR as well? Is support of Dolby Vision only a question of the licence - costs or hardware issue as well? (For ATV sure only licence but for Mac?)

Dolby Vision and HDR work on Mac but I read in another thread that it is currently suboptimal and snot as good as the native macOS support as in QuickTime Player.
But I’d be very surprised if that did not improve in the near future (such things are generally very well handled by Firecore).

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