Ugoos AM6B Plus

Thanks for the info! After a bit more research I’ve placed an order for one. Will be fun to play around with, and will make the wait for Apple to support other audio formats less painful (if it ever happens).

Hi, I am seeing this when switching from Dolby Vision and VS10 back to Rec 709 8 bit on media files and TV Headend, it is as though the player doesn’t offload the DV flag - on Play stop - is there a way to force REC 709 8 bit on the Gui?

would suggest you pick that up in the CoreELEC subforum for the device?

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For anyone considering getting it, this is my experience:

Setup was fairly straightforward, but there’s a million different settings you can tweak. Playback is basically flawless with the movies I’ve tested so far, audio bit streaming is really nice too. The included remote, as mentioned by others, is quite bad.

My main takeaway though is that the Apple TV is just unmatched in how nice it is to use, especially in combination with Infuse. If Apple would support bitstreaming of audio then I don’t think I’d bother with it, but now the combination of bit streaming and correct DV makes it worth the hassle (and worse UX).

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Try the Arctic Fuse Skin made by jurialmonkey. It’s the most polished and modern looking skin for Kodi and you can change basically everything u want within the skins’ settings.

I actually did per your excellent suggestion, thanks! It’s definitely a lot better, but still can’t hold a candle to the Infuse experience IMO. Perhaps I need to spend some more time with it :slight_smile:

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Cant beat infuse or AppleTV in terms of smoothness and simple yet modern UI-design. But at the end of the day I prefer having my favourite infos shown (like imdb & rotten tomatoes ratings, etc.). And unpause jumpback plugin is just so nice to have :smiley:

I also like to change thumbnails and posters when they have ratings on it. Infuse lacks a few simple settings imho. It’s neglitiable but when u have hundreds of movies and series u just want to have some sort of consistency, which with infuse is harder to archive.

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I use JellyFin as my media server backend, so I do all my management there. Which is doubly nice in this case as it means Infuse and Kodi automatically sync things like metadata, watch status, etc.

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Should probably consider doing that too :slight_smile:

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Have you had any issues using the LG remote? My G3 is loosing the CEC connection to CoreELEC overnight, every night.
Each morning, the HDMI label has changed from ‘CoreElec’ to ‘HDMI 4’ mean CEC has stopped working. I then have go through a dance of disabling/enabling Simplink, inserting/reinserting HDMI cables and rebooting the Ugoos and the TV. Eventually it starts working again till the next morning.

Any suggestions about might be happening here?

I haven’t had any issues using the LG remote, but I did have to tweak a few things in the CEC settings on the AM6B+. I set it so that it could never power on or power off the TV. I did that after I woke up one morning and my TV had been on all night after being woken up by the box. It was also frozen, so I had to do a hard reboot. I tweaked a few other minor settings, but those were the two big ones.

It does take about 30 seconds for the remote to respond over CEC once I wake the box up by switching to its input on the TV, but after that it works pretty well. I occasionally have to power cycle the box using the button on the front. This seems to be related to it getting stuck sometimes when exiting the screen saver after going to sleep.

It has never changed my input name to what I set in the CEC settings. mine still says “HDMI 3.” Haven’t really attempted to troubleshoot that one.

There are definitely a few quirks with it, but I’ve learned to live with most of them. It’s a cheap Chinese Android box running a non-standard Linux OS, but I’m willing to deal with the weirdness to get that awesome native FEL/DV P7 support.

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Cheers. Which model LG do you have by the way?

Interesting that yours still just has the HDMI port number rather than picking up the ‘CoreELEC’ device name from the CEC settings in Kodi. My remote absolutely refuses to work unless it has the ‘CoreELEC’ label.

I’d reset the TV, but I’ve calibrated it.

So what CEC setting do you have in Kodi for when the TV powers off: Ignore, Pause, Stop, Quit, Suspend, Hibernate or Shutdown?

I have a 77" CX (2020 model)

I have it set to suspend when the TV shuts down. I also have it set to go into suspend mode after 10 minutes of inactivity (in the Kodi power settings). So if I’m watching stuff on the AM6B+ and switch over to the PS5 or Apple TV, it will stay on, but put itself into suspend after 10 minutes. If I hit the power button on the box itself, or the remote it came with, it will turn off, but the TV will stay on. Same deal if I power it on that way. Switching inputs from the LG remote will wake it up.

I only did this because I got a little worried when I woke up and saw that my TV had been on a static screen for several hours. I guess since the box was hung, it didn’t go into suspend mode, and the LG never kicked on its own screen saver.

Does that have any advantage over Emby?!

I’ve only used JellyFin, so I don’t know. I prefer JellyFin over other solutions thought because it’s FOSS.

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I hadn’t yet read your reply but I changed my Kodi CEC setting to ‘Suspend’ (when TV powers off) and for the first morning it was still controllable with the LG remote. Hurrah! And it only takes a few seconds to come out of Standby.

I can live with that.

Similarly I’ve changed the Kodi power settings to use Standby after a few minutes of inactivity.

I hope this helps anyone else with a G3, suffering the same remote control issues.


That’s great to hear! Glad it worked for you!