Ugoos AM6B Plus

@speedy This guy claims the ugoos am6b+ now supports true tv led & cm4 and the amlogic bug was resolved that caused the fake tv led. Curious if this checks out in your opinion. (Slightly off topic but we need a general Dolby Vision watercooler space now that the DV8 feature shipped!)


That is accurate. I’m using an AM6B+ myself (I have 3 of them) and will post instructions over on the CoreELEC forums eventually with an easy guide to get started once things stabilize into a beta build. It is currently only working in nightly builds.


Whoa! I didn’t think this would happen so soon, maybe ever. Guess I’ll be buying one of those to finally have a player that can play everything accurately (aside from my disc player).

:open_mouth: Just ordered one!

This AM6B+ forgoes using Infuse and it’s awesome UI, right ? One would have to use whatever media management software running on AM6B+ ?

No, it´s running KODI. :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar. How is KODI as a player compared to Infuse? Can it read files from a remote system on the same network? Can it connect to a Plex server?

That AM6B+ box looks great, but yeah, not being able to use Infuse on it is kind of a showstopper if KODI can’t do some of the stuff Infuse is currently doing.

And I think the AM6B+ doesn’t have an ethernet port? Did I see that right?

KODI ist most probably the best (local) media center software available. Kodi can do all Infuse can do and much more. There are plenty of Plex addons, PlexMod4Kodi seems to be the way to go as far as i can see (i don´t use plex).
The AM6B+ has gigabit ethernet.
Infuse is just a excellent piece of software for ATV. Clean, snappy, fast. But it obviously stucks where apple sets it´s limitations…
That´s why i ordered the AM6B+ today.

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Years of waiting is finally (almost) over. There are some stuff that needs fixing but FEL playback is working great. It’s also nice to see people known to be working with any DV related stuff contributing with the development.

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Well, there always has been better devices then the atv (with infuse) for playing local files in the most accurate way.

But i guess for the most people the atv itself has so many advantages when you are in the apple ecosystem compared to an android device.

Anyway, im a fan of media players so i will get a Ugoos too for testing. Right now i prefer my Oppo Clone if i want the most accurate picture, Fel support and Tv-led.

As great as this device is… getting one setup is difficult and too complex for many people. Infuse is still an amazing solution for most people. Kodi won’t ever compete with Infuse’s stability and ease of setup.


Yeah, I’m very excited about having a device that will let me watch my FEL movies at full quality without having to mess with the discs, (after I rip them) but I am preparing myself for what will I assume be a much inferior UI.

I suspect for many things I’ll keep watching in Infuse. For example the next time I want to watch Lawrence of Arabia I’ll probably just watch it in Infuse, since its MEL, doesn’t have an Atmos or DTS-X soundtrack, and I’ve already converted it to P8.

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Somewhat off topic for movies and such, but does anyone know if there’s a straightforward way to get an AM6B Plus running CoreElec to play DSD (SACD) files? Ideally bit-streaming the DSD to my receiver, but even if it converts to PCM that’d fine too.

I just ordered one. I understand you can run the Plex mod which basically gives you a Plex UI and library with the Kodi player, which would be decent, but I can’t find any recent videos or screenshots of it.

I just got mine in the mail so I can install this and take a couple of screenshots and post them here so you can see what it looks like.

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Okay here you go just finished doing it here is the interface screenshots. I’ve included the Home Screen along with media library and movie info screen.

Edit: for now it seems there is an issue with this add on not playing FEL correctly where Kodi plays it fine so tell they fix this issue I wouldn’t recommend this for FEL playback.

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Ok! Not bad at all! Still probably not quite as nice as Infuse I’m guessing, but still not bad. Looking forward to getting mine and playing with it!

It can’t look like infuse because:
a) other fonts and icons in Android
b) a different design of Android itself

If you make infuse for Android, it won’t be as beautiful as on tvOS.

Sorry but thats all wrong. CoreElec does not run on android, so design has nothing to do with underlying system. There are plenty of modern fonts and designs available for KODI.
Yes, Infuse is a very polished and easy to use piece of software, thats why we like it :slight_smile:

In case anyone else is trying to figure out how to set up their libraries to account for DV7/DV8 files, here’s what I’ve been doing…

For many movies, with FEL layers, I leave both a [DV7] and [DV8] file in the movie’s folder

When playing in Infuse, you get an obvious choice:

When playing in PM4K, which will hopefully work soon on the Ugoos, it should behave like Plex – which is the same but with an extra step to “Play Version”:

If I end up having to just use Kodi’s UI, I have a separate folder on my NAS with hard links to each DV7/FEL file that I can just add as a network share and browse.