Ugly folders with collection of video clips

I download a lot of video clips from internet. Also private home videos. They are put in a folder inside Infuse.

All my movies and Tv shows have nice folders with artwork and look nice, however the folders on the bottom are always generic “folders” without artwork because inside one folder there are 100 different video clips downloaded from youtube.

Please can someone tell me How can I create artwork for this folder so it looks like a tv show (with 100 different clips from youtube). All clips have different names so impossible to rename all ( like blabla.s01.e01). Just too many. Also tried putting a jpeg pic with same name as folder, Did not work at all.

Also folder with home videos. All in one folder, but folder looks ugly. Would really like to create a nice metadata? artwork for folder so it blends in with all other movies and tv shows in library.

I have searched and searched but can not really find answer. Thanks for any help in matter.

Start by putting a jpeg file called “folder.jpg” in folders which you wish to be displayed with that picture … so in this case it is not named after the name of the folder, but the actual name “folder.jpg”.

Also for your home movie and YouTube folders you probably want to do a long press on the folder and select the “Use local metadata” option to prevent infuse trying to match them to movies/tv series online.

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