U3?? Do I Have It??

Sorry for my tone but I have about 4 hours into this and I’m going no where fast. : :evil: I had a goal of getting this to work for a gift.

I downloaded the software on my PC and have been attempting to get the ATVFlash on my AppleTV. I’ve tried 5 different USB brands without any luck. I went and bought a 4 GIG Sandisk Cruzer and double clicked on the drive and it said it was empty. I loaded the application on the USB drive and plugged it into the Apple TV. I get the ATV Flash “FC” logo but when it tries to load the software, it says “install failed, try a different drive”. Then I read the forum and see a couple hundred posts discussing drives that work and don’t work. So I get a 4 GIG Sancruzer (sanctioned by the tech support area) and it still didn’t work.

My beef is what is this “U3”??? Is that my problem? The removal of U3 should be covered in a whole lot more detail in a FAQ section. Before last night, I didn’t know what “U3” was and frankly I was fine by that. The link doesn’t work that was given in the forum. IS “U3” on my PC?? Or is “U3” on the USB drive??? :?: Google assumes you know what U3 is (but some people say it is on the main PC while others say it is on the USB drive). Confusion! It would be a brilliant move to have this popular topic in a FAQ section so we all don’t have to plow the fields. :!: I’m done venting. :oops:

For those who want a “U3” removal application, see http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2550 . Someone let me know if this is what people want or is it only for Scandisk’s. Again, put a good link in the FAQ section. The bad news is it looks like I don’t have “U3” on this drive since it won’t allow me to select the drive when I follow the removal application.

Question? Does my 4 GIG brand new SanDisk (that does not show any applications when I open it) have “U3”?? Is that why it says “install failed, try another drive”??? Is this issue only a P.C. or would I have run into the same thing on a Mac (which I also have but unwilling to pay another $50).

I appreciate the help.

While we are at it, I really want to use the external hard drive with ISO files. I see that some people have had issues with 5400 RPM drives. I’ve also observed that they should be Mac Formatte. Is that correct??