Typo (wrong label?) on Movie Detail screen

When you browse to a TV Show there is a bunch of thumbnails along the bottom, labeled “Episodes”.

Browsing to a movie you see a similar set of thumbnails, but they are labeled “/” (a single forward slash)

Please make the movies label say “Other Movies” or something to that effect.

For non-TV shows this should actually reflect the folder name that the currently selected video is in.

IE - You’re viewing details for ‘Inception’ which is located in a folder named ‘Movies’. The list below will be for other videos in the Movies folder, and the title/heading should also say Movies.

We plan to get a bit more creative about what kind of content is shown in the lower shelf area once we implement Library View.

I’m using DLNA and have favourited my Movies folder. I guess that’s why it shows “/”?

Looking forward to improvements on this small thing