Two versions of same show

Is there a way to have two versions of the same show “I.e regular one and an extended cut” without them being merged under the same poster in infuse ?

For a movie you can create a nfo or xml file with the different name and add your own art work.

No. :confused:

You can edit the displayed title of an episode by varying the <title> tag (as shown below, where I changed the displayed titles of episodes of “Firefly” because TMDB and Infuse only support Airdate Order, while providing none for DVD Order … and that can make things really confusing with series like Firefly which were aired out of intended order) … but any multiple instances of the same TMDB episode ID (ex: S01E04) will be recognized by Infuse as the same video. Start watching one, the watch progress transfers to both.

There is a really bad sci-fi miniseries called “Ascension” that I have in two different cuts: original and extended. It’s a three episode series, but my extended cut is made of six different videos (each extended episode aired as two separate episodes). That doesn’t fly with TMDB — they only acknowledge the original three episode release.

In this case, I just added “Extended” and “part 1” or “part 2” to each extended episodes’ file names:

Ascension - S01E01 - Chapter 1 (2014)
Ascension - S01E01 - Chapter 1, Extended Part 1 (2014)
Ascension - S01E01 - Chapter 1, Extended Part 2 (2014)

Infuse shows all nine videos as three copies each of all three episodes … all simply titled “Chapter One” … so you need to look at the filename to tell them apart.

I could merge those pairs of extended episodes easily enough into single files, but haven’t gotten around to it.

What you CAN’T do is browse your library and and see one TV Series entry for “Ascension” and another for “Ascension — Extended Edition”. The latter does not exist in the TMDB universe, so neither can it exist on Infuse.

Even if you keep both series in different folders, Infuse will merge them in the library.

Overriding episode display titles with custom <title> tags in .NFO files for “Firefly”:

Telling different versions of same-identity files apart by filename for “Ascension”: