Two versions (e.g. 720p and 1080p) of movie are indistinguishable

If I have two versions/copies (e.g. a 720p and 1080p version) of the same file somewhere in my library, each file gets matched by Infuse to the same content (in this case, movie), and that matched movie shows up twice in my Infuse library. There is no way to tell the difference between them when browsing, and even when clicking on one there is no way (that I can see; on iOS at least) to tell the 720p version from the 1080p version.

So either #1, just fix this mild bug by showing the 720p/1080p badge so they are distinguishable.

Or/and #2, 10000% better, don’t show the same movie twice in the first place — collapse them into one, and provide a way to select which version you want to play, when you play (or better, via some kind of setting like ‘always prefer —p on this device’, ‘always prefer —p when on cellular’, etc.).

In the current version, you can view the video specs by viewing the details page in landscape view.

We hope to add support for multiple version of the same video in a future update.

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