Two accounts with Pro subscription?

Consider the following scenario: two devices (for example, Apple TV and iPad) with one Apple account, Pro subscription and two different accounts.
Which account should be used on the third device with another Apple account included in Family Sharing group to use Pro subscription features?

On the 3rd device you’d want to log in with the trakt account for the user who originally purchased Infuse Pro.

We hope Apple will expand Family Sharing to include better support In-App Purchases and Subscriptions soon, as this would eliminate the need to use the same trakt account altogether.

Yes, but my point is that user originally purchased Infuse Pro can use 2 different trakt accounts on 2 different devices with the same Apple ID.

While not a typical use case, I guess if you are using the Apple ID that originally Purchased Pro with 2 different trakt accounts you could then use one of those trakt accounts for your Family Sharing members.

Just checked - looks like both these accounts enable Pro on other family devices, so it could be a good solution for family sharing.

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Great! Glad to hear it’s working. :slight_smile: