Two quick suggestions to improve TV season view


    I was showing someone my aTV Flash installation recently and they noticed two things that could be improved.

    1. When viewing a list of TV episodes, the metadata is written on the left side of the screen. However, on the series line, it shows the season and episode number in a slightly confusing way ( For example, if you have selected a show’s first season, third episode, it is written like this: “Series: 30 Rock - 1 / 3”. The problem with this is the “1 / 3” formatting, which can be confusing - my friend thought it meant we were looking at episode one of three, not season 1, episode 3.

    Perhaps a better way of writing it would be “1x03” or “S1, Ep. 3” or something along those lines that clearly demarcates season and episode (so “Series: 30 Rock - 1x03” instead).

    1. The other issue that came up was that we wanted to watch a specific episode of a specific show. We knew it was the 15th episode of the 2nd season, but not the episode name. When Media Player replaces filenames with the “pretty” metadata name of an episode, it omits the episode number in the main list (as noted above, it does show it in the metadata section on the left). I think it would a relatively simple fix to add the episode number before an episode name (since you already know what the episode number is from fetching metadata) and it would really improve usability. So basically, in that same screenshot of 30 Rock, Season 4 (,  instead of seeing this:
    • Season 4
    • Into the Crevasse
    • Stone Mountain
    • Audition Day
    • ...and so on

    It could be like this:

    • 1. Season 4
    • 2. Into the Crevasse
    • 3. Stone Mountain
    • 4. Audition Day
    • ...and so on

    I hope both these suggestions make sense. Again, neither is a big deal, but the reason we buy Apple products is because we care about the details, right?

    In any case, thank you so much for making this wonderful software. I know it can’t be easy, but I truly do appreciate the work you put in. Thanks again!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think both would be great additions so I’ll see if we can get them added soon.