Two media folder; one favorite

Either i am really stupid or Infuse cant do it… but i hope it does.

I have two media folder, and i would like to have one favorite in infuse that merges both locations from my SMB share.

The question is, can that be done? I tried giving the same name to both favorite links, but it just displays two favorites with the same name.


Why not put both of those folders into another and make the one folder that holds them both a favorite?

i keep 1080p and 2160p in separate folders. crazy, i know. lol

I do the same I have a “My Movies” folder as a favorite and inside that I have a “My 4K Movies” and a “My 1080p Movies”

Now that Infuse does the grouping of the same titles in multiple resolutions it’s even better in the library instead of the favorites.

just looked at that, but i don’t see where you can add each folder to a group. i do see where i can go to movies and then to recently released, as an example. basically predetermined groups I really am looking to add two folders to show as one in infuse.

I did it in the file directories where I store my files, not in Infuse.
My Videos Example

After you arrange the files, just make the “My Movies” directory a favorite.

ok, understand that for sure… i guess i should have been more specific.

I have a “new movies” folder in each HD and 4K folders (both has the same folder structure as the image)… to make it easier for my wife to know what it is newly added to just those two folders (she is so inept sometimes), i want to consolidate them on the front end but keep them separate on the backend. what i should do is lock her out of infuse >.>

Screenshot 2023-03-30 135025

Then the easiest way would be to add the Library > Movies > Recently Added as a favorite on the home screen.

That will show the new movies both 1080 and 4K recently added and you really don’t need to segregate them in the file server, Infuse will scan all movies and show the most recent.

Other than that, there is no way to combine folders into one favorite.

ok, thank you for the help. I guess i will need to use a workaround.

Have you tried the Recently added Movies?

I’m pretty sure that will work for what your looking for and requires no “work around”. :wink:

that is the work around that i will use as infuse doesnt support what i am asking for. :smiley:

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