Two libraries - Synology and onedrive for Business - how to coexistence


I see you have added a support for onedrive for Business in the version of 5.9.
I have a question - i have my film library stored lovally on my Synology and nie i plan to synchronize it with my OneDrive for business account. Then I plan to add this library to Infuse.

Now how this all be behaved. When I will be at home where I have access to both Synology and OneDrive resources - will I see all my films posters two times? One time from my local Synology location and the second time from OneDrive location?

What is the best way to avoid duplication? I know I can browse by folders but the better way is to browse via the library. If I start playing with the sources - when I turn one source off all the metadata is deleted and once I will reconnect it it takes hours to load the metadata back.

The best way would be to merge the same movies into one poster and when I select to play, I can select the source - either Synology or OneDrive.