Two home with two Different NAS drives

I have multiple homes with NAS drive in each home. Same infuse account. With Apple TV. So I have to choose between which NAS drive share when I am at either place. But if I am down at one house and wife is at the other how do I have so each one is running independent of the other. It’s annoying to have to keep switching them back and forth. I shouldn’t have to switch them. Is there a way of fixing it so it’s that it’s not connecting to both shares when they are aren’t on the same network. It should only bring connect to the local network drive. Please help.

One option here would be to disable iCloud Sync, or use a different Apple ID on each device. This would allow you to only have a single device listed on each Apple TV, which should avoid any issues like this.

If you want watched history to stay in sync between devices, you can use the same Trakt account on both.