Two finger touch on trackpad to play and pause

Just like the iPadOS two finger play and pause.

Also, many apps like IINA also use this gesture.

Two finger force touch or two finger tap, should be given as options. I personally disabled all tapping gestures system-wide and enabled only force touch to register.


Nah, space key is most convenient!

We can have both.

For two finger force touch, your finger wouldn’t have to move off the trackpad, this is great for multitasking. I do that all the time when watching lectures.

For people who watches a lot of YouTube, “J,K,L” are used to backward, pause, and forward in addition to the spacebar and arrow buttons. (Kinda like vim)

Basically, it would be great if Infuse can feature match the gesture and keyboard shortcut control of IINA.

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hell yes

this seems like an obvious feature

Doesn’t the space bar do the same job?

it does. sadly magic trackpad does not come with a space bar

We need play/pause feature on trackpad of MacOS.

i see my thread was merged with this one. I just want to note I was talking about iPad accessories specifically, while this thread talks about macos.

The thread title was modified to address trackpad, not just MacOS

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