Two episodes on one iso. BluRay Menu?

Hi, I have an br iso with two episodes on it. It seems, that I can access only one of them. Is there any chance to see both of them? Ist there a br menu in infuse? I can’t find any information.

I don’t have any to test but see if this helps:

Thx for the input. It doesn’t work this way.
Zidoo gives me a BR menu and I can access both.

It seems, James or no one else is interested to give an answer to this problem.
Hey guys. It’s 2022.
You can say, sorry , this doesn’t work in infuse.
That would be better, than not answering.
It’s really disappointing.
In former years, your reaction was better.

If you are asking for the menu that is in Blu-ray Discs to select items that is not supported because it runs on Java and Apple TV doesn’t support Java. Or are you asking for something else?

Hi, I think my technical question was clear. If you mean, it doesn’t work, that’s at least an answer.
My other question is, why does James or other guys from the company never answer questions, that they think are not appropriate, or they just don’t like.
But that’s a different thing.
Too much money, to less enthusiasm. Too many buildings for too less people.
As I said, it was better years ago.

A quick search shows another dozen posts about disc menus not being supported. I don’t think there is any new information. But if you are having issues selecting titles because it just isn’t working then that is different and they might look at it

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t find that topic by search. Maybe because I’m not a native English speaker, searching the wrong things.
I don’t like to be told, that I am too stupid or too lazy to search.
Thanks man. I stick to my new Zidoos and sell my second atv as well.
And btw, I found some pretty old requests for a bd menue.
I think it is annoying not to get answers, and not to get solutions.

Sure I totally understand. I was just providing a reason for a lack of response from others. I did respond, though, didn’t I? Not sure what solution you are looking for.

I am looking for an answer, better a solution.
Yes you did answer. Thanks. But I would have appreciated an answer from James or from the staff.
If there is no solution, ok.
But why don’t they announce that officially?
I think I am a very early adaptor of infuse. So I think, I would deserve a correct answer. And so do all other users.
In short. I am pissed. Oder auf Deutsch: Ich hab die Schnauze voll.