Two Disk/Multi Disk BD

Hi there, I am new here and although relativly new with Infuse.

I have a big movie Libary spread on two System with an amount of 20TB of Data. I ripped all my BD to iso (I had a DuneHD System in the past). Some of them two or more Disc e.g. The Lord of the Rings SEE (two disc for the hole movie) or the BBC Documentation „Planet Earth“ (6 discs).
How can I handle these kind of movies? I donˋt find anything where I can say disc one, two, three… of a movie.
I have the same Problem with bonus disc.

Thx for any help.

(sorry for any typos - I am not native englisch speaking)

+1 I requested this feature a while back too.

If you are okay with not using full disc iso’s and ripping only the movie portion from your LOTR Extended Edition discs, you can then use MKVToolNix (available for PC or MAC) to join the two halves of the movie together. I did this will all three extended cuts of the films and it worked great for me.

Im new to Infuse and I really like the software over my plex pass lifetime subscription. I have the two part Lord of the rings movies and Im amazed that this doesn’t seem to have been added as an option in over 2 years now?

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Did the same. Works great.