TVShow not showing up

Hi There,

I am facing an issue with a old tv-show named: Geoff Hamilton: a man and his garden.

It is available at, Sonarr picks up the show without problem.
INFUSE is not recognizing the tv-show in its library. But when I go to FILES (favorite), it shows up correctly.
I tried everything, deleted all the xml and nfo files (which were created by Sonarr) didn’t help.
Why is it not showing up in library mode in Infuse? (it shows up under OTHER, but not under All TVShows)

Just found that same goes for:

The Ornamental Kitchen Garden
Grow your own at Home
Fork to Fork
Carol Klein’s plant odyssees

No issues with following TVShows:

The victorian kitchen garden
The victorian Kitchen
The victorian Flower Garden
Gardeners World

(these are also gardening shows)

Maybe it has something to do with Gardening being not popular among Infuse users. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To clarify, Infuse uses TMDB for both Movies and TV Shows now. It no longer uses TVDB for TV shows.

You should see the “Geoff Hamilton: a man and his garden” show metadata later today or tomorrow. I just added it.

You can join TMDB and after reading their contribution bible, you can add the other series there. Keep in mind they are sticklers for following their guidelines so read through before you start.

Make sure that any artwork meets their size and ratio requirements, this is a biggie.

I try and find the required info first on the official website of the show itself, then IMDB and then I look at TVDB. Often you have to use a bit of each to get things done right but rely first on the shows official website, you can frequently copy and paste the episode info and that makes it pretty fast.

Good luck!

EDIT TO ADD: Currently Infuse doesn’t recognize the xml/nfo files for TV shows but there is a currently running thread in the suggestions area for this here.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in that thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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Allright… I did not know that. Bummer. I added a lot of these shows to the TVDB in the past.
Have to it all again at TMDB…

But thanks. Now I know it is not my fault or infuse’s…

I will check at TMDB.

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Well… infuse DOES read .nfo files… I wrote about it yesterday about movies genres.

Ah i see… lol. for movies it does, for tv not…

Good luck and thanks for adding another group of shows I have to hide from my better half. :rofl:

That’s why I specified TV shows :wink:

Just added Fork to Fork to TMDB.

Just can not find how to add episodes??

Ah… Got it. lol

You got it.

Do they have to approve the added shows??? before it will show up?

Well, there are some checks but I can see fork to fork now so it could be available but if not, it’s usually less than a day for it to spread through their servers.

No… I see it too in Infuse now… even the Geoff Hamilton show… (you added)…

Well I have work to do… cause I have lot of shows which are not in TMDB…

Just make sure you try and fill in each episode with it’s specific synopsis. That’s where it really makes it look right. :wink:

Thanks so much for helping all of us users!

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Anytime… Well… I do it for ur better half… :innocent:

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Don’t push it!

I can request your privileges be severely hampered. LOL

Have fun!

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