tvOS YouTube TV App | Black Screen when returning to app?

This has been happening to me probably last couple months … I watch something on YouTube TV, switch to YouTube or Infuse, and then return back to YouTube TV to find nothing but a black unresponsive screen; which I must force-kill the YouTube TV app to fix.

Shocked this hasn’t been fixed yet considering it’s a paid app on a major platform from perhaps the now-largest live TV streaming provider.

Or is this only happening to me?

(Occurring on two different 32 GB Apple TV 4K boxes, which have been using all the latest tvOS and app updates, while being a paid subscriber to both YouTube TV and YouTube Premium, plus Infuse Pro and Apple TV+; with no other active apps).

Nope :wink:

Lots of good (and early) info here

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Muchos danke, mon ami!

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