tvOS v14 broke InFuse 6.5


I was using InFuse v6.5 pro OK on my appleTV 4K last night and yet today ( after tvOS 14.0 update ) InFuse v6.5 prohas broken.

It tells me that a “Connection cannot be established” to my NAS ( which is still working 100% for my iPhone, iPad, MacBook , MacMini and LG OLED TV )

I removed the share from InFuse expecting to be able to reconnect , but even though InFuse v6.5 pro actually displays all available shares on my network ( incl my NAS ) , I am unable to create a connection to my NAS. Connections to my MacMini Server and WIndows10 Gaming Box also fail.

How do I make my InFuse v6.5 pro work again ?!?!?

Can any other apps connect to you NAS from the ATV4K?

This is the one thing I cannot easily test as I don’t have another tvOS app that can browse SMB shares.

I also don’t even have a simple portscan / lanscan app on tvOS

Unless you have a suggestion?

I forgot to add that InFuse v6.5 pro is still working 100% OK from iPadOS v14 and iOS v14 from my other devices on the network ( if this helps )

It is strange that it is just the TV4k

{Update} I forgot to add that because I use iCloud Sync, the NAS entry keeps getting re-populated in inFuse on TV4k , but if I try to open a Favourite, I je=st get the same "a connection error has occurred "

I believe that VLC is a free media player for tvOS that will do SMB. That may help to narrow down the culprit between the tvOS and Infuse.

Before you do that though, have you done a restart from the settings > system on the ATV?

Yes - I have restarted the NAS, TV4k , and after this didn’t work , I then rebooted my 10 Gbps Switch and IB3 Router as well …

I had forgotten thee was VLC for tvOS - I’ll try that now and let you know

OK - Not sure if is an Encoding Issue, but VLC does not play my Media. It does however connect to the NAS and display my Movie and TV Show folder structure.

Even though my other Apps are functioning, I will reset the TV4K and see if this resolved the issue with InFuse v6.5 pro

Even after resetting the TV4k ( and also trying to reinstall tvOS 14 ) I still have the same issues with InFuse v6.5 pro

I have noticed that shows and Movies I have been watching on my iPhone / iPad no show as “watching” on the TV4k , but if I try to continue to watch on the TV4k , I continue to get the “Connection Error”

Good Morning.

I did a complete TV4K Wipe and DFU tvOS 14 restore. I am still getting the same issue with InFuse v6.5 pro not Connecting and Indexing the files on my NAS
I have just uploaded my Technical Details = 7KZDK

I con firm that. Infuse on aplt TV 4K and iphone xsmax. nPlayer still fine.

OK - I solved my issue by using InFuse v5 pro. Created a link to my NAS ok and then “upgraded” back to v6.5 pro which now works again.

I still have no idea why InFuse v6.5 pro could detect my SMB share on my NAS but not connect ( or why reverting to v5 fixed the problem )

So you buy both infuse 5 and 6 pro?

Have you seen this post?

Might help with iPhone
The rest of the thread may help also

Yes , At the time i moved from v5 → v6 I had decided to purchase the single product rather than the Lifetime Upgrade. So both v5 and v6 exist in my ATV / TV4k purchase history.

NC_Bullseye - thanks for the link. I never had issues with InFuse v6.5 pro from iOS , iPadOS connection to the NAS after the upgrade.
And I am still unsure why removing v6.5 pro and installing v5 and reconnecting to NAS fixed the issue on my TV4k after tvOS 14.
The only issue is that I have now lost all my Sync’d “Watched” indicators :man_shrugging:

That was a reply to honolulu, it should have shown as that on my reply in the quote I referenced. Sorry to confuse. :smile:

I’m guessing that when you deleted v6.5 and then installed v5 and then went back you probably fixed an issue in the network settings when you installed 5 and fixed it when you reinstalled 6.5.

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