tvOS screen flickering

i’ve been experiencing unusual error on my New Apple TV which the screen is flickering every now and then. Is that normal?

It would help if you could provide what you were doing when it does this and does it happen only during a video playing or while your navigating through apps or on apps other than Infuse.

Which TV are you using? There is a known bug (in the TV firmware) with LG OLED displays and flickering when using Dolby Vision with the Apple TV.

Huh? There’s an issue with raised blacks with Dolby Vision from external devices, but I’ve never seen flickering.

There is a reddit thread of the LG flickering issue here:

Seems to only happen with 60Hz Dolby Vision. There is a workaround solution in that thread.

I also had the raised blacks issue but the latest firmware update has fixed that.

Just to help clarify, what firmware are you referring to? TV or ATV? Just so the person with the flickering may be running older on one or both.

Sorry, I meant the latest LG firmware (04.70.70) fixed the raised blacks issue for me.

According to that reddit thread, the LG firmware 04.70.30 also fixed the flickering issue a few months ago. So maybe the original post is referring to a different flickering problem.

Im using LG OLED

So is your issue solved?

If not could you answer the above questions if you still want help?