TVOS - option to skip ‘view by’ screen for favourites on home screen

On the Apple TV infuse Home Screen, when you have favourited a share (in my case ‘tv shows’ and ‘movies’) it would be nice when you click on the button to not have to then select ‘all movies’ or ‘all shows’ (or an alternative filter) on the next page and instead just be able to skip to the library. Does this make sense?

I know you can set up a list on the Home Screen of all films and tv shows but given this ignores collections it isn’t ideal as a solution.


You can create favorites for those individual items and remove the main ones. See this post

Oh yes but when I did that for ‘all movies’ it still seemed to take me to another menu to select ‘all movies’ or another filter - ie I couldn’t skip that extra menu. Unless I’m being daft…

Go to

“Library” > “Movies” > “All Movies” and then Long Press on “All Movies” and select “Add To Favorites”

That will give you a favorite on the home screen that takes you directly to the “All Movies” section of the library.

If you want to see the collections in this favorite also, go to Infuse Settings and under “General” scroll down to “Collections” and select “On”.

With this you will see the poster for movie collections in the All Movies favorite.

Note, when you add All Movies to the Home screen I believe it names it just “Movies” so you can go back to where you added it in the Library and long press again and rename it to “All Movies” if you like.

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