[tvOS] Keep the already pre-existing buffered cache before and after the current spot for instant playback upon "app resume"

Every player app I’ve used on tvOS keeps cache in their very recent memory until tvOS purges it so I can use the app switcher and do something in an app and then switch place and those other apps will immediately start playing again.

Infuse doesn’t do this. Even if I use the app switcher to switch to, say, the TV app for even a single second - when I switch back to InFuse, it has to reload from the entire buffered cache again from the cloud just as if I had clicked “Resume Playing” from the main menu.


I agree.

I’ve uploaded (via the web interface) stuff to VLC on my Apple TV, and it’s stayed there over a year (two major software releases and everything in between). Seems like we could hang onto some content for longer than when we pop out of the player.

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Other’s would need to test this, but the past couple times I’ve tested this after the TestFlight update yesterday, James seemed to have fixed this.

nvm it still has to insta-reload upon app resume - so this request is still valid