TvOs infuse: play or passthrough iTunes DRM videos

Hi there

Can I suggest an enhancement pleaese to the tvos infuse app - the ability to play iTunes DRM content directly within the app.

If this can’t be done natively is there a way to recognise that a video is an iTunes DRM encoded video and open it in the native movies app to play?

The reason I ask is that on my NAS I’ve got a mixture of iTunes DRM downloaded video and non iTunes downloaded videos and if I try to play an iTunes one I get can error message when trying to play.



I too would love this functionality.

While we have a fairly robust digital collection, we also have a not insignificant amount of iTunes purchased movies.

The latest tvOS has done wonders to show the family videos in one place. I’d love to be able to have those integrated in Infuse, but somehow link to the Movies App. Kodi does this with addons like SALTS, etc, where you can put a movie into the library, and it knows when to look at your NAS/file location, and when to launch SALTS to stream the movie. Would love if Infuse could figure out a way to have iTunes movies included in the library, but the link/share would launch the movie in a way that works with Apples DRM requirements.