[tvOS] Infuse and HLG

According to the release notes for Infuse 5.8.2 tvOS, HLG video is supported on the Apple TV 4K. However, I’ve been unable to get HLG to trigger with any HLG files (sourced from iPlayer). Apple doesn’t mention HLG anywhere officially but I remember references to HLG turning up in early tvOS .plist files back in 2017, and we know that iPhone 12 records video in HLG as well.

HLG triggers fine using Plex on my Roku stick and the new Google TV dongle, so it’s not a content or TV/AVR issue.

Does it work with the native Apple TV player? If it does then it’s fully supported.

Up until now, the Apple TV didn’t support native playback of HLG, so Infuse will convert these to SDR.

It’s not 100% clear how much has changed with tvOS 14, but we’re currently looking into what is possible, specifically with regard to the new DV/HLG videos shot on the iPhone 12.

There is an existing thread where updates will be posted.

I am not so sure if that is true… Seems like HLG has been supported since tvOS 11.2


Type Property


The Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR mode is available.


  • iOS 11.2+
  • Mac Catalyst 13.0+
  • tvOS 11.2+


  • AVFoundation

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static var hlg: AVPlayer.HDRMode { get }

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