tvOS buffering video with Jellyfin

Hello! Thank you for the hard work on the app, it’s truly fantastic.

I set up JF in Infuse via jellyfin.domain.tld. When I go play a movie, the movie starts to play then buffers for a minute or two. After which, it starts playing again for 10-15 seconds and then buffers. Rinse and repeat. I scrapped JF logs and see nothing out of the ordinary. Also, playback via a web browser using jellyfin.domain.tld works normally.

I did test using my local network and playback is smooth, there are no issues.

Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot why my video buffers when using a reverse proxy vs local? Both of these direct play as per JellyFin.


What does jellyfin.domain.tld resolve your? Is it a local network number or is it an external address? If it’s external (and the server is on your lan) then it’s possible your router doesn’t handle NAT hairpinning properly and it’s “tromboning” your connection out and back in. You could temporarily resolve this by adding a local entry into your local DNS for jellyfin.domain.tld and point it toward your LAN based server.


My Jellyfin.domain.told points to my external IP address. I’ll do what you suggested and do some more research / testing as well. Thanks for the input!