tvOS 9.2 Beta 4 fixes scrubbing! No more accidental swipes!

Great, great news. I posted about this previously as a feature request, glad it’s going systemwide:

Great news - that bothered me quite a bit…

Well, i wonder if this maybe only work when a video is played by the internal apple player?

Infuse uses a custom player (to enable playback of non-default codecs)
So they need to add this manually. Just like the 10 second icon when you rest your finger on the trackpad.

That’s really great!!! I hope that Infuse work on that.

It is something we’ll need to implement on our own - though it’s something we’re working on for 4.1. :wink:

This is the perfect solution that must also be implemented by FireCore to be compatible with this new UX of the tvOS 9.2.
I think that this is a very important feature for the user experience… a seamless integration of the same navigational features between the classic Apple TV player and the Firecore Infuse player.

Thanks james to take this into account.

Can’t wait for 4.1! The new scrubber in the YouTube app is great.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet - does 4.1 have the new scrubber where you click before seeking?

Yep! :slight_smile:

Great, so much better than before! Just one question: is it possible to click on the right (or left)-side of the touchpad so the image will forward (or backward) e.g. 10sec or 30sec…? Forwarding just a little bit is hardly impossible sliding over the touchpad. Thanks!