tvOS 9.1 is out - any changes for you concerning Infuse?

The title says it all - for me nothing changed so far, still have only favorites and some stuttering…

What would you expect about the favorites … That Apple is magically change it? That’s something from Infuse themselves.
And the stuttering, Infuse uses a custom video player, not the native one from tvOS, so that is also non-related to tvOS (9.1).

I just read in the ‘video stuttering’-topic that they’ve got dramatic improvements regarding the stuttering, so I think your issues will be solved n the next release. (This release is going into beta this week)

By the way, one thing that is useful from tvOS 9.1, the ‘Remote’ app from Apple on the iPhone now finally works with the Apple TV 4. So you can insert text and navigate using an app on your phone.