tvOS 16 beta

Developer beta for tvOS 16 is out. They didn’t talk about this at WWDC so interesting to see if they do anything or not. If you try out the beta, let us know if you see anything. There were updates to HomeKit continuity passwords fitness that may be included here, who knows what else

Yep it looks pretty minor.

For those who don’t like clicking links…

From Apple:

Integrate your tvOS app with your iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS app to unlock new experiences on Apple TV. For example, you can deliver more personalized workouts on Apple TV based on motion sensor data from Apple Watch, display real-time information on iPhone while media plays in your app on Apple TV, or include more screens for gameplay.

Along with cross-device connectivity, there’s new multiuser support:

Make it easier for people to enjoy your Apple TV app with improved system integration for user profiles. With credentials stored in a shared keychain, users won’t need to sign in and choose their profile every time they launch your app.

There’s also a new Swift UI for tvOS:

Customize your app’s interface and provide even more functionality with SwiftUI. Create custom button styles and effects that accent your design, take advantage of standard gestures, such as Tap and Touch, and add consistency to interactions with the Focus APIs.

also for iOS and Mac:

HDR10+ support

The latest generation of high dynamic range technology is now supported in the Apple TV app.

To find out more about tvOS16, you can book a slot and ask any questions you ant to an apple tvOS engineer, right here…

Q1. Will we ever get true Dolby TrueHD Atmos support? :wink:


They don’t say anything about the new tvOS features again.
It feels like Apple has forgotten about those who love Apple TV 4K.
To be honest, I’m already tired of putting iOS at the head of all presentations.

Macrumors had some stuff. It’ll probably be HomeKit integration improvements. I wouldn’t bet on seeing anything of significance until they come out with an m1/2/3 based unit.

What’s weird is it’s only for the AppleTV app and no mention of hardware. This could be added support for the app when run natively on Samsung TVs and not for apple hardware.

HDR10+ support removed from apple site

Would it be possible to support the hdr10+ with tvOS 16?

Don’t count on it

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It looks like it won’t be coming. If we see any HDR10+ support it’ll be exclusively in the AppleTV+ app and exclusively in the version of the app that’s on TVs that support HDR10+

This looks like it makes it easy for an iPhone to start a video from the iOS app to play on tvOS app.