tvOS 16 audio sync?

We’ve been investigating the reports which have come in from those experiencing this issue on tvOS 16. It seems to happen when playing some files in certain setups. This appears to be a system bug introduced in tvOS 16.0, and we’re currently looking into a few different options for ways to workaround this.

For now, the easiest way to minimize this issue would be to disable the match frame rate option in tvOS Settings > Video and Audio > Match Content.

We are still hoping to gather more info on this, so for those seeing this issue you may try playing the sample files below in Infuse (and other apps) to see if audio sync issues are present.

The helpful info would be as follows.

  • App Name (if other than Infuse)
  • Frame number when the audio sound was played
  • Current Video Format and Match Content settings
  • Current Audio Output and Format settings
  • Connected device(s)

Preferred test file

Alternate test files

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