tvOS 16 audio sync?

I’ve not done any rigorous testing of content in my collection because I’ve not encountered this issue naturally … but for everything I’ve been watching lately (an roughly even mix of 4K and 1080p content), I’ve not experienced any audio sync issues — so perhaps there’s something different in our setups that might be worth considering?

My setups are rather simple:

I have Infuse installed on two different Apple 4Ks (first gen) both of which are connected by HDMI to my televisions’ 4K60p inputs. Both panels are — or were at time of purchase — higher-end 4KHDR+DV Vizio units.

My media lives on a local ethernet-connected Synology NAS, which my Apple TVs connect to over Wi-Fi (using Infuse’s NFS protocol).

I play all my Infuse content directly (I don’t use Plex or any other intermediary server software).

I no longer utilize an external AV receiver or amplifier (as I used to many years ago ‘back in the day’).

For audio … depending on content, audience, and/or time of day I regularly use either (1) the tvs’ internal speakers, (2) self-contained external surround systems connected to each of the TVs via optical audio out, or (3) premium Bluetooth headphones connected wirelessly to the AppleTVs.

We have a new beta version (7.4.7 build 4283) available today! :smiley:

This update includes some changes to work around an underlying issue in tvOS 16 which is affecting some of the audio playback APIs. We believe this may resolve some or all of the audio sync issues that have been reported, and we would love to get some feedback from everyone to see how thing are working now.

Note: The manual audio delay option is still available, but I would recommend disabling this before testing to see if it is still needed.

If you previously signed up for the beta the update is available to you in TestFlight. If you want to join the TestFlight group you can follow the steps below.


Only a quick test James but seems pretty good here so far. Thanks for the quick work!


With latest beta installed there is no audio delay anymore in all of my files.
Great work.

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james, when its suppose for that update with the audio sync fix to happen?
The global update and not beta.

You can track anticipated release times here.

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Great news! I guess it’s OK to update to the latest tvOS as well? (also released today)

If things go well with beta testing (and our internal testing) it could be available on the App Store next week.

Are you referring to tvOS 16.1 or 16.2 beta

‘Are you referring to tvOS 16.1 or 16.2 beta’

Umm… the one it’s prompting upon starting up, I guess. (16.1?)

Apple released 16.1 on Monday 10/24. If you’re already running tvOS 16.0 then updating to 16.1 should be fine since it doesn’t affect this sync issue.

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It appears the beta version has fixed audio sync with match frame rate OFF. But when ON, I still see sync issues. Is this expected?

Did you disable the manual delay adjustment?

I never messed with that setting, but just checked and it’s at 0ms.

what build of the beta are you using?

7.4.7 4283

What type of videos are these?

Have you enabled wireless audio sync? Was the calibration run for each output mode (60hz, 24hz, etc…)?

Does disabling wireless audio sync make a difference?

Can you send in a report and post the code here?

For those of us that want to try the beta, are getting the “Network error” screen on licensing the beta, but have no Trakt to log into to solve it, what’s our option?

The TestFlight purchase flow runs in Apple’s sandbox, and has been notoriously buggy over the years. Creating a free Trakt account is the simplest and most sure option, but if you’re not in the mood for that you can try the following.

  1. Sign out of the App Store
  2. Restart your device
  3. Sign back into the App Store
  4. Say a quick prayer
  5. Try the purchase again

You can also try installing the beta on a different device, completing the ‘purchase’ there, and then using the Restore option on Apple TV.

I’m using a remote Plex server as my media server
Testing a movie H.264/MPEG-4 part 10

I am not using wireless audio. My system is connected to an AVR via hdmi.

Diagnostics sent: 15V24