tvOS 16 audio sync?

Has anyone had a feeling or been sure their audio sync on ATV4k Infuse is a little off after the tvOS 16 update? It feels to me the video is just a smidge enough behind the audio to give me nerves, I’ve switched to other streaming apps like Prime or Hulu, and it seemed fine.

Playing movies from my Plex server with Infuse 7.4.5. Nothing changed except the tvOS update. Thanks.

EDIT: Found that turning off match frame rate does help.


Sometimes (especially when watching Anime) I set playback speed to 1,25%. Then with time Audio and Video gets out of sync (note, that it’s not out of sync directly, but with time)… I don’t know, if it’s related to tvOS 16 or the latest Infuse update.

Yes, I have noticed the same thing.

That’s a separate issue that’s affecting videos being played at faster speeds on iOS devices. It’s been happening for months, before both iOS 16 and the recent Infuse update. I’m following a different thread that was posted about it and have contacted support, I’d encourage you to do the same to help them narrow down the issue. The more, the merrier!


Yes have the same thing. Audio is out of sync since tvOS 16 on Apple TV 4K (Gen 2).

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For me DTS audio is always around 100ms before video if Framerate Matching is enabled. But I think this was already the case with tvOS15.

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Yes, I have noticed the exact same thing since the TvOS 16 update.

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Me as well is driving me nuts crazy
I got so hyped from using this app but now I just think it’s not worth it all the effort switching to it
Nothing like good old hdmi cable or normal usb tv port

It worked fine before the TvOS16 update, so I think it’s just a bug correction that’s needed for it to work properly again.

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If you’re seeing issues here, you might try resetting the video settings in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio, then configuring things to your liking.

There have been a few cases in the past where this has helped, and it’s possible the tvOS 16 updated caused some issues here.

All other apps (Netflix etc.) are in sync though…which suggests an Infuse problem?

Maybe try the suggestion since Infuse uses it’s own player and audio handling where the others use Apples? It wouldn’t be the first time a major OS change caused problems.

Plus that may help eliminate other possibilities by trying this.

Tried to reset video settings but it didn’t help.

As others mention, it only occurs in InFuse -all other streaming apps and youtube are all in sync and does not have that particular issue.

Didn’t help me either. Still continuing with the “no match frame rate” workaround. Also found that this is a workaround for ja current YouTube app bug, where the video starts late because the app sets the frame rate but doesn’t wait for it to change before playing.

Whatever works…

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Can you guys give this a priority ? it makes these product useless :frowning: (for me at least)

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What type of device is the Apple TV connected to? EG Direct to a TV, AV receiver, etc…?

Can you replicate this issue and send in a diagnostic report (and post the code here) so we can look further into this?

For anyone seeing issues with variable speed, this is a separate issue which we are working to address in 7.4.6.


Link reference to a thread I already have

To re iterate
ATV 4K 1st gen
HDMI to LG C1 65”
Storage USB 3 Drive connected to router
ATV Connected to router with Ethernet
Read speed test from infuse 700-800Mbps

VLC no issues
Netflix no issues
Infuse app issues


Here it is:
ATV 4K 1st gen
HDMI to 4K Denon Receiver
NAS storage
ATV connected with 1Gbit ethernet to NAS through router.

Disney+ no issues
HBO no issues
Netflix no issues
InFuse 7 syncing issues


Same here. All other apps are working fine, just infuse has audio sync issues. (TV: Sony a80j, Audio: Sonos). Any fix in progress?

Same issue since my ATV4k 2nd gen updated itself to tvos16. Only noticeable delay is on Infuse and Plex apps.

Everything is unwatchable to me unless I turn off Match Frame Rate, then it’s fine. Just means 50hz content looks a bit jittery.

Atv goes to LGC1 then audio to Sonos Arc.