tvOS 15: UI button glitch on media details page

Anyone else have this glitch when viewing the media details page? Seemed to have started several updates ago (couldn’t say which sorry) but it’s been persistent since. Possible related to tvOS 15 beta.

I’m running the latest Infuse on an AppleTV 4K (2021) and the latest tvOS 15 beta.


Is this happening every time or randomly? Is there a way to make it repeat this?

I just tried it on the release tvOS (non beta) and have no problems and I can’t seem to duplicate the problem you’re seeing. Does it do this on the “Classic” view as well?

This is a known bug with tvOS 15.

We’re keeping an eye on this.


Happens all the time, even in Classic. However the glitch isn’t always consistent in its effect; sometimes different buttons are affected, different sides, etc.

I’ll update this if a future tvOS beta fixes it.

Yep, I also all the times facing this issue in tvOS 15 beta and actually only Infuse Pro have this glitching issue. I installing the beta on Apple TV 4K 2021.

This glitch not happen in tvOS 14.7 so far in my another Apple TV 4K 2017.

This issue is no longer there in latest tvOS 15 Ninth beta build.


Yep, I can confirm it’s no longer happening for me either.

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Nice to hear!

We had managed to find a workaround that was going to be part of 7.2, but I guess it’s no longer needed.

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Today release Tvos 15
It’s safe to update? Infuse work fine ?

To me yes. Just wait for final release which will out 20 Sept 2021 on US time.
My country time is tomorrow 1 am. Another few more hours. :smiley:

I just update to latest final release of tvOS 15.

I can confirmed no issue on Infuse Pro and the button glitch remain no more as well in the final release of tvOS 15.

Totally perfectly fine.

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Great news :+1:t2:… updating now :ok_hand:t2:

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